MMFF 2024 Summary
  • To apply fill the online Google form. In the form, the most important information is the name of the Producer, because this cannot change. The title of the show can change if necessary until Mid-May, after which all details need to be absolutely final.
  • Payment

    Pay the $25 CAD - This amount is non-refundable. The fee is paid by e-transfer to

  • Deadline

    The application deadline is 10th March 2024

  • Lottery Draw !!

    The draw is on 17th March 2024. You are welcome to attend the draw which is held in-person in Mississauga. Once you apply the details of venue and time will be sent to you. 

  • Participation Fee

     By Mid-May, you have to pay a $250 participation fee. This is non-refundable after 31st May 2024. Note that some of these timelines are subject to change. You will be notified

  • Your Show

    Your show has to be between 55 to 60 minutes in duration. It cannot exceed 60 minutes and it cannot be less than 50 minutes. It can have narration+music, or poetry+music. Usually the shows are built around a theme. The choice of theme is yours. You are responsible for all your costs associated with your production. 

    You cannot have any other performances of the same show that you are presenting in the MMFF 2024 in the period from April to August before your show within a 100 km radius of Mississauga.

  • Responsibilities

    SAWITRI Theatre provides the venue, the technical and front of house personnel on show days and 3 hours of technical time in the theatre to have the show tech completed. SAWITRI also provides overall marketing of the festival wherein information about all the fringe shows are given. You are responsible for the marketing of your show. It is useful for you to bring marketing material for your own show to distribute to audiences on other days/times of the festival when you are not performing. There are guidelines for this, and those will be outlined once your participation is confirmed.

  • Fringe Dates

     In 2024, the festival runs from Monday 19th August to 25th August 2024. During this week, your show will be on stage 4 times on different days and times. This schedule will be provided to you in May 2024. The technical time will be slotted on 17th or 18th August. This schedule will also be advised in May 2024.

  • Ticket / Income

    The ticket price is going to be CAD 15. Your show has the potential to make $15 x 100 seats x 4 shows = $6,000 CAD if you sell out every show and do not give away any tickets as complementaries. All this money is paid to the Producer. If you are the producer, it will come to you. SAWITRI does not keep any of the ticket collections. The ticket has a surcharge, which is the Eventbrite fee + 13% Government Sales Tax, both are paid by the ticket buyer.

  • The Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival (MMFF)

  • A Festival of many Firsts!

  • First Fringe Festival in the City of Mississauga!

  • First Fringe Festival in North America presenting South Asian arts and artists!

  • First Multilingual Fringe Festival!

Fun Facts: The first Fringe started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947 and has grown into one of the biggest performing arts festivals in the world. The largest festival in North America is in Edmonton, Alberta! There are over 250 Fringe Festivals across the globe!

Fringes are uncensored, non-juried theatre festivals, bringing together emerging and established artists alike to tell their stories on stage.

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